Monthly Archives: December 2010

On the social aspects of art

Art for art’s sake? Art for society’s sake? Both, you fuckhead. In this cast I talk about how social influences inform my work, and how art is a balance between specifics and context. data-2010-12-14-10-57-04.mp3

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Christmas Weather and Windshield Wipers

This week I talk with special guest Morgan Murphey. We talk about our expectations of the weather in Seattle over Christmas as well as how you can’t call yourself a Seattlite unless you can confidently handle all the dials and … Continue reading

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The ergonomics of running

Running is potentially disasterous to your body, but almost definitely better for you than sitting on your ass all day watching light-emiting rectangles. data-2010-11-30-11-07-39.mp3

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